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Denver Metro Chamber Leads Group | Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce | Denver, CO
Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce | Denver, CO

Denver Metro Chamber Leads Group


Achieve measureable results and attain a high return on your investment.

The Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce Leads Group Program is one of the largest in the region, with more than 175 members. Participants attend their Leads Group in order to meet reliable vendors, establish a corporate network, increase company visibility, educate others about their products and/or services and, ultimately, increase sales. To participate in a Leads Group, one must be a member of the chamber. 

For Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce membership information:
303-620-8105 or

How Leads Groups Work

The Chamber has 11 Leads Groups, each composed of committed members who attend meetings regularly, develop trusting and professional business relationships and pass quality leads and referrals. In order to uphold loyalty between group members, individuals may only participate in one group at a time.

As a Leads Group member, it is important for you to effectively convey your needs to the group members so you can receive qualified leads and referrals. Offering quality leads to your group members develops and strengthens your position in the group. 2016-2017 Leads Groups Guidelines and Objectives


The typical group meets three to four times a month. Leads Groups are led by trained volunteer Chamber members. Meetings are held at the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce, 1445 Market Street, Denver CO. Click here for Leader's contact information and meeting times.  

Participation is open to all members in good standing in with the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce, for a fee of $90 a year. A representative of a Chamber member company may only join one group. However, a member company may have multiple representatives sitting in different groups at one time.

Leads Group News

Learn more about success stories and the recent activities of the Denver Metro Chamber's 11 Leads Groups by visiting the website.

Cancellation and Payment Deadline Policy

Renewals will be sent out no later than September 1st of each year. If payment is not received by September 30th, the member will be removed from the group roster and placed at the bottom of the waitlist if needed. New Members - payment must be received by the 1st official meeting attended. 


To pay your leads group dues Click Here.

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